Sarcococca ruscifolia

This unassuming little shade shrub is one that people often don’t notice at first. There’s nothing particularly showy about its graceful arching stems, deep green leaves, or the tiny white flowers that hang from its branches in winter.

But when those small blooms open, people walk around sniffing all the big, showy flowers in the area, wondering where that glorious fragrance is coming from! After the flowers, Fragrant Sweet Box begins creating pretty little red berries which hang prettily off each stem. The red berries soon turn to black, and the shrub creates a gentle show for months on end.

Fragrant Sweet Box is deer resistant, evergreen, gets about 3-6’ tall in time (a lot of time, she’s a slow grower!), and is one of the few plants that will tolerate deep, dark shade. She doesn’t mind a bit of pruning to keep her to size, and all she asks for is reasonably good drainage in winter (what lady likes having soggy feet?) and a bit of summer water.

I think Sarcococca is the epitome of grace. She’s always beautiful and has many fine qualities, yet doesn’t thrust herself into the limelight and is above the gaudy displays and fripperies many plants put on to get attention. Really, how many plants bloom in winter? And are fragrant then? And will take the darkest of shade with nary a wishful stretch into the light? Her simple beauty makes all the other plants look good by association.

Trust me – you want a Sarcococca in your shade garden.



Dryopteris erythrosora or Autumn Fern

I LOVE this fern. Orangey fall foliage in spring and summer? Cinnamon-colored spores on the underside of the plant? A neat habit and a plant that’s simple to prune down in winter? It’s deer-resistant, takes part shade (2-3 hours  of direct sun, or bright indirect light is great on the coast), and looks great with […]

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Spirea japonica ‘Neon Flash’

Spirea ‘Neon Flash’ is a Bright! Magenta! Pink! flowering shrub to about 4’ tall, which loves full sun and blooms throughout the summer. It does lose its leaves in winter and gets a bit of reddish-yellow fall color, but the fall color isn’t anything to rave about. I love the fine texture of the leaves, […]

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Stipa tenuissima/ Nassella tenuissima or Mexican Feather Grass

This waving blonde grass is a great way of bringing a sense of movement to your garden. It looks great massed, and brings a beachy feel to the garden with its bleached straw-colored seedheads.  Nassella tenuissima does need to be cut to the ground once a year, but I’ve had great luck doing it at […]

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Spirea nipponica ‘Snowmound’ or White Snowmound Spirea

‘Snowmound’ Spirea is a lovely thing, with deep green leaves, reddish stems, a graceful arching habit and rounded form. It loses its leaves, but doesn’t make a mess about it, and the white flowers in spring make you forget that you missed it all winter. ‘Snowmound’ needs full sun to do its best, but is […]

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Nepeta faassenii or Purple Catmint

Simple, lush, gorgeous. This sun-lover attracts bees and beneficial insects, resists deer, takes salty seacoast wind, and looks great with any number of plants. All it asks in return is good drainage and full sun. I love it with just about any ornamental grass, pink or yellow roses (it attracts the beneficial bugs that eat […]

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Parahebe linifolia or White Parahebe

This white Parahebe is one of those plants that deserves to be much better known than it is. The deep green, glossy foliage is evergreen and very attractive, the delicate white blooms are lacy yet sturdy and incredibly profuse – and the plant simply goes with everything. You name me a plant that doesn’t look […]

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Hebe ‘Mohawk’ or ‘Purple Pixie’

This Hebe is a lovely little evergreen thing which gets to about 3’ around and blooms off and on a good part of the year. It takes shearing well and usually comes back well from hard pruning during the growing season, though I try to avoid pruning into the wood if I can avoid it. […]

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Stipa arundinacea/ Anemanthele lessoniana/ New Zealand Wind Grass

New Zealand Wind Grass is a stunning low-maintenance grass that keeps its glowing orange foliage all winter long. I occasionally have to prune out some dead bits here or there, which I do by grasping a small clump of dead foliage and cutting it out at the base so you don’t notice it’s been pruned. […]

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Geranium ‘Rozanne’ or Rozanne Hardy Cranesbill

Geranium ‘Rozanne’ is a lovely tumbling plant that gets between 4 and 5’ around, and about 2’ tall. She does go dormant in winter, but does such a thorough job of dying back that there’s no winter ugliness – just a few hard buds under the soil to assure you she’s coming back in spring. […]

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